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Last 2 Weeks of the Semester

HERE WE COME Summer semester.

As we end the second to last week of school and bring in the last week of the spring semester things are beginning to be really stressful. In the last weeks of school there are many finals being done, mostly papers for me, as I am patently waiting for the semester to be over I remember that my summer semester starts the next Monday…. so really there is no break. In the past weeks of online learning I have taken the level of laptop looking hours up to a new amount, I honestly think i’m up to like 10 hours a day now and it shows I can barely see to drive my car because my eyes are used to the screen.

One of the things that I can’t wait for is to go back to work. I know I know I will have my 3 classes until July 10th but at least I can do things during the day like go to work and have a job. But things are starting to pick backup at work since the COVID -19 shut down, has i like to call it, has happened.

Another thing that has happened in the past couple of weeks is I don’t get to see my boyfriend because I have to be at home doing my homework instead of with him. Sad I know but my mom has said that if its mean’t to last it will all work out in the end. He is going back home because he graduates this year and he has his 90 days to do so that he can keep the job that he wants. With all that is going on and the summer going to be filled with my school and working, I am hoping to get another job, so that I can go back to school for my second year that it isn’t going to leave much time for him so. We will see how this all goes.

I hope that if you have invested enough time to come back and read all of my weekly posts from the semester that you have in some way enjoyed my random blogs about my life. But this will most likely be the last post.


Keeping it Random

So lately I haven’t done much but do my online schooling, talk to my boyfriend and family, and spend money I don’t really have on things that I want. So since I don’t have anything new to write about i’m going to do some of the topics that we could use from the teacher, since this blog is a school thing.

Me my senior year

What is a normal life skill that you never acquired and can’t do well at?

I would say a skill that I never really acquired and I can’t do well is probably I am terrible at dressing myself. Some days its leggings and a hoodie other days its cowboy boots, jeans and a Tee and I look okay and other days nothing that I put on goes together and I look like I got dressed in the dark. I know this is most people but I don’t look good in anything so I feel that I always look bad.

Spring or Fall – what is the better season?

I enjoy both spring and fall about the same but if I had to choose one I would say fall. I love the fall colors and how pretty it is outside.

Crazy Life Blog

Update On My Life At This Time.

So they extended spring break for an extra week because of COVID – 19. Also in this time I managed myself a boyfriend. We have fully went online for classes for the last 6 weeks of the semester.

So I don’t really believe in what is going on with the COVID-19. Sorry not sorry I feel that unless you are and elder or someone with a respiratory problem you are fine, I’m pretty sure that my cattle farmer neighbors had in 3 months ago and that the government is going to hide something bad with this. I’ll get off my soap box now

But in the times of quarantine I got myself a loving boyfriend. How you ask? Well i’ll tell you. So for the past couple of months I had been snapping him not a lot but some of the times and one night I got a Snapchat from him, odd, but i opened it and it was one of his like high school best friends and him, they had been drinking. Well I LOVE snapping people that have been drinking because they are super funny in my eyes. His friend had added me on Snapchat and was snapping me and so was my now boyfriend and I could tell that he didn’t like that his friend was talking to me. This is when I learned that he liked me and I kinda liked him from the beginning. So we were talking and I said something about he should start snapping me more and from that day on he has snapped me like there is no tomorrow.

Here’s the cute part. one night I decided that I wanted DQ ice cream so I went to town, I had 3 options in the 3 towns and I chose the one where is lives because I like that one best. So he met me there little did I know that he was going to do that. And this is where happiness began.