Keeping it Random

So lately I haven’t done much but do my online schooling, talk to my boyfriend and family, and spend money I don’t really have on things that I want. So since I don’t have anything new to write about i’m going to do some of the topics that we could use from the teacher, since this blog is a school thing.

Me my senior year

What is a normal life skill that you never acquired and can’t do well at?

I would say a skill that I never really acquired and I can’t do well is probably I am terrible at dressing myself. Some days its leggings and a hoodie other days its cowboy boots, jeans and a Tee and I look okay and other days nothing that I put on goes together and I look like I got dressed in the dark. I know this is most people but I don’t look good in anything so I feel that I always look bad.

Spring or Fall – what is the better season?

I enjoy both spring and fall about the same but if I had to choose one I would say fall. I love the fall colors and how pretty it is outside.