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Here Goes A New Life Chapter

So Once spring break hit I knew that I needed to take the time to spend time with him for how much time he had been putting into talking me and how much he seemed to like me I wanted to know for myself how he felt. So I went over to town to see him on the Friday of spring break, I found out that night that spring break was going to be extended another week for the both of us. So I was sitting there with him on the couch watching Netflix, I know this sounds bad but it wasn’t all that happened was hand holding and cuddles. But when I decided that I was going home for the night I gave home a hug and that’s when I had realized that for some reason he and got really nervous standing there with me. So I stood there locked in his hug I had realized that he didn’t want me to leave for fear that I didn’t like him the way that he liked me. So I went out of the box, against the grain and manned up and kissed him. He then was calm again and was happy again. While I feared that I had fucked up and that I had messed up my chance with him and I REALLY liked him.

This is what personal happiness looks like

The next day he asked me about hanging out again with me. Tuesday night as I was telling my mom about this she said just stay in town since you have to work the next day. I don’t think that she realized that this was going to do the trick. So I got my things and headed for town now I had spent time with him in the past I was still nervous because he had asked me to go for a walk with him. So in the times of COVID-19 quarantine he come down and got in my car and we went to DQ and went back to his apartment and ate. When he wanted to go for his walk it started to rain, it made him a little sad. But I told him that it was okay and we decided to watch a movie instead. As we sat there next to each other and held hands and spent time together I learned that in his past relationships he never got to experience what a nap and cuddle buddy was. Well I had already told him that I was spending the night so I told him that I would show him what he was missing. He then decided to dance around asking me out but I decided that this one was on him not me. I said YES of course. But that fact that he had never got the chance to actually be happy with someone else and that I got to made me so happy and couldn’t wait to see what life would bring.

I got home the next day to learn that there was a bunch of family coming over to drink in are shop. Well in the most casual way ever my mom hinted hard on the fact he should come out. This was probably the best thing ever and I thank my mom for what she has done for me because both her and my little sister have said that I have never been this happy in my life.

This just goes to show that some times the best things come at the most unexpected times. I get to be who I am with him and he doesn’t judge me he laughs with me.