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Its Been 7 Days

A couple of days ago I went out and got new work boots I didn’t have plans on getting new ones yet but they were worth it. I got a $100 pair of square toe Ariat boots, if you know me I am more of a point toe kind of person but for that price i’ll take em.

A fun picture from a fun night with my lovely best friend ❤

In the past 7 days of my friend being gone at basic iv’e struggled with it but yesterday it really hit hard. I was sitting in the accounting room waiting for class to start while drinking a energy drink that she had started me in high school in pain in my new boots, that reminded me of her. Later on in the day I was in my car looking at Facebook and her mom shared some group pictures that were taken at her fort that she was in. Then when I got home I was sitting in my room watching TV and I thought to my self and thought why don’t I write her a letter. As I was writing her this letter it happened AGAIN I started crying. Now i’m not one to cry a lot but dang it hit so hard yesterday that I was having a tough time not driving to her house to sit there with her brother and her dog to then cry what would have been like the 4th or 5th time.