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Top 8 Places That Hire College Students

As an assignment for college for class we are to come up with a tops list this is Abby’s and Mine

Buffalo Wild Wings

They are always looking to hire college students especially first years to help them get through their first year money jitters.


Mendards is looking to help new students with there work to school balance while giving them the chance to gain people skills.


Applebee’s is looking to help you work on your time management skills while also working on your communication skills.


Working at Subway helps with your multitasking abilities while also helping you with cleanliness management.


The Casey’s chain is good with helping to grow in life with flexible work hours plus you are able to grow with the company, if you decide to move they may be willing to get you transferred to another one of their other locations.


Walmart helps with the tough expenses of college by giving you an employee discount while giving you those much needed people skills.

My Place Hotel

Working for a hotel can help you make money while going to school. They offer many different positions to help with that busy schedule.

Odyssey 8

The Odyssey 8 is a place where it is quiet most of the time because of the many movies they have going on through the night and you get home at a decent time to get that good night sleep so your ready for school the next day.